top 10 twitter marketing tweets

Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tweets

We are always telling our clients, that whatever you post online, it needs to be interesting and engaging.

Twitter can present the biggest challenge as with only 140 characters to play with, getting the message across can be tricky. This social network just turned 10 this year, and produced a beautiful look back over the years, of it's most powerful moments.

As a nod to that remarkable achievement, here are our top 10 twitter marketing tweets, that we found to be interesting, engaging, emotional or just very funny:


1. Barack Obama

Simple yet emotional - plus showing the human side of this US president Always guaranteed to get likes and RT's.

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2. Pepto-Bismol

Slightly weird but certainly engaging from Pepto-Bismol!!

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3. CIA

Their first ever tweet by the US Central Intelligence Agency. Humorous and succinct.

CIA - Top Ten Tweets



4. Arbys

Following Pharrel Williams infamous hat appearance at the Grammy's - Arbys came up with this spur of the moment quick witted tweet. It received over 185,000 likes and reportedly netted the company $22M!

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5. Wonderful Pistachios

It always great to have interaction with customers - especially if you can be as funny as this Pistachio company.

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6. Taco & Old Spice

It can be seriously entertaining when two companies have an exchange. Like this from Taco's and Old Spice.

Old Spice Top Ten Tweets

7. Tesco’s Mobile

It is also very entertaining, if a giant company like Tesco's can shows some humour. They most definitely won this one!

 Tesco Top Ten Tweets

8. Liberal Democrats/Labour

It can also be very entertaining when the politicians get in on the act. Like this exchange between the Lib Dems and the Labour Party.

Politicians - Top Ten Tweets

9. Innocent Smoothies

Tweets don't always have to be about the product you are selling. Innocent Smoothies always tweets about anything and everything that is not related to their product.

top ten tweet - innocent smoothies

10. Mr Wayne Rooney

Last but not least - Wayne Rooney might not be an obvious business choice, but the Rooney brand most definitely exists. This tweet was RT over 27,000 times!

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