Social Media v Social Networking

For a lot of people the terms 'Social Media' and 'Social Networking' are totally interchangeable. However there is a distinction between them, which is actually crucial in any digital marketing strategy.

Social Media

Social Media put in basic terms is the content that you upload (the 'media').

Whether it be a blog, a video, a post, or an image - this all comes under the term 'Social Media'. It is a one to one exchange between you and and the person who views it. They may comment or like, but it is essentially yours, and you own it.

When deciding on a Social Media marketing strategy, it is a good idea to look at the message you are trying to get across, and then decide which is going to be the best format. There is great advice from Sprout Social on this subject, with their 7-Step guide to Social Media Marketing. Whether this be an set of images, and video blog (vlog), or a normal blog, think carefully about how this is going to be best put across.


Social Networking

Social Networking is how and where you are going to get the Social Media message across - ie on Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest.

It is called 'Social Networking', because that is exactly what it is - networking - creating relationships, communicating with your customers, attracting new customers, and building a fanbase. Perhaps crucially of all it is about following others, and helping them promote their content by sharing, which in turn will lead to them sharing your content. It is about listening as much as it is about talking.

Post your Social Media but at the same time interact, converse and build proper business relationships that are mutually beneficial.