Social Media v Social Networking

For a lot of people the terms ‘Social Media’ and ‘Social Networking’ are totally interchangeable. However there is a distinction between them, which is actually crucial in any digital marketing strategy. Social MediaSocial Media put in basic terms is the content that you upload (the ‘media’). Whether it be a blog, a video, a post, or an […]

Social Networks

Social Networks: What’s the difference?

In our previous post ‘Social Media for small business’, we talked a little bit about the importance of choosing the most appropriate Social Network, when marketing online. There are so many different Social Networks out there. Each one offers different channels for posting Social Media and each one targets different groups and age ranges. A quick overview of how […]

top 10 twitter marketing tweets

Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tweets

We are always telling our clients, that whatever you post online, it needs to be interesting and engaging. Twitter can present the biggest challenge as with only 140 characters to play with, getting the message across can be tricky. This social network just turned 10 this year, and produced a beautiful look back over the years, […]


Social Media for Small Business

In this day and age, virtually everyone has at least one social media account, whether it be for personal use or is purely business related. From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Pinterest, Instagram to Google Plus-there are well over 20 different social media platforms out there, all offering different streams of social media marketing and different target audiences. So […]


Inspirational Ecommerce Website Design

Creating an inspirational ecommerce website design can be a tricky business. Getting it right can be the difference between literally making or breaking a business. It is vital that the site is instantly engaging to the user, yet is still functional and easy to navigate. There needs to be a balance between a truly beautiful design, yet […]


Website Design Trends – 6 Trends to be Wary Of

Website Design trends, like any industry, go in and out of fashion. The industry has come along way in terms of design and style. Long gone are the days when you would log on and watch a clumsy Flash animation, before clicking through to some messy content that was badly structured. Todays website designs are modern, sleek, sophisticated […]


Social Media Images Cheat Sheet

Everyone knows how important it is to be upto date with Social Media. From Facebook to Twitter, Tumblr to Pinterest -all are important. However getting all the different Social Media images right can be a nightmare. Whether it is setting up an initial page or updating the old one, making sure the images are all […]


New Advertising Campaign – A Celebration of the Small Business

Over the next coming weeks, Reflection-Media is launching it’s brand new 2016 advertising campaign, which is a full on celebration of small businesses, and small business owners. The majority of our clients all started out as a small business, or a one man band, so we know first hand how hard small business owners work […]

website design jargon

Clearing up the Jargon

When starting up your very first website, or when looking for help with your existing one, there is nothing worse than being blasted by IT jargon – leaving you baffled and infuriated! This is our top ten list of the jargon you might hear and what it really means: 1. WYSIWYG – What you see is […]