Tips for starting out on Twitter

We get loads of clients who have managed to set up a Facebook page, but constantly tell us when it comes to Twitter, they have no idea.

Twitter is a brilliant Social Media tool for networking, meeting potential customers, and getting to know like-minded people. Here are some of our basic tips to get started:

1. You get 140 characters for each ‘tweet’. This ensures you have to be to the point in whatever you are saying. It is a very much an  ‘in the now’ means of communicating.

2. To attract Followers you need to get Following. The best way to attract potential customers is to type into the search whatever it is you are interested in – the results will bring back loads of people who are tweeting about your topic.

3. Another way to find Followers is to look at your competition – see who is Following them, and then start Following them too. You can’t force someone to follow you back, but you can let them know you exist.

4. Get involved. One of the biggest mistakes is people who just tweet self-promotion all day every day. Twitter is a two-way street. I always try to use a 80:20 ratio. 20% tweets that are self-promoting, 80% RT’s from others. Also don’t be afraid to comment on something that someone else has tweeted.

5. Look out for business promotion twitter accounts – #PurpleDog is a great example of a company that promotes businesses all the time. Let them know who you are and get involved with what they do. This can be proof very beneficial.

6. Don’t forget your manners. Think of twitter like a big networking meeting – if someone is kind enough to RT your tweet then don’t forget to say thankyou, RT one of their tweets, or even just favourite something they have said.

7. Look out for groups that you might be interested in, and get involved. There is always something going on whether it be #handmadehour or #wineoclock. Find out what time the group starts, type the #hashtag into the search to find the group and then tweet and comment with that #hashtag in your tweet. This is a brilliant way to meet loads of new followers, that could be your target audience.

8. Finally don’t be boring – the best way to keep followers, and earn lots of RT’s is to be interesting, funny or informative. Share pictures of what you are doing, share tweets you think your followers will find interesting and try to keep it different. I would recommend that you need to send out at least 4 tweets a day minimum to keep your account current.