Social Media Images Cheat Sheet

Everyone knows how important it is to be upto date with Social Media. From Facebook to Twitter, Tumblr to Pinterest -all are important. However getting all the different Social Media images right can be a nightmare.

Whether it is setting up an initial page or updating the old one, making sure the images are all the right size and resolution can be time consuming, problematic, and frustrating to say the least!

How often do images end up being blurry or important parts get cut off? How often do previews not end up looking the way you envisaged. Luckily New Zealand based digital web agency Phancybox have come up with a Social Media Images Cheat Sheet for 2016. Following this guide will make sure all your image dimensions are spot on from now on.


Facebook Image Dimensions - Social Media Images



Google Plus:


Linkedin image dimensions - Socail Media Images


Instagram Image Dimensiosn - Social Media Images


Pinterest Image Dimensions - Social Media Images

You Tube:

You Tube Image Dimensions - Social Media Images


Tumblr Images Dimensions: Social Media Images