New Advertising Campaign – A Celebration of the Small Business

Over the next coming weeks, Reflection-Media is launching it’s brand new 2016 advertising campaign, which is a full on celebration of small businesses, and small business owners.

The majority of our clients all started out as a small business, or a one man band, so we know first hand how hard small business owners work to achieve their dreams. We see every day the sheer blood, sweat and toil, that is put in to keep the business going. And yet we have also been privileged enough to be apart of some amazing journeys, and know how amazing it is, when that initial idea really starts to take off and flourish.

We have helped scores of local businesses with their first website, their first logo, and their first marketing campaign. And now we want to celebrate everything about the small business and their owners.

Our everlasting piece of advice to anyone starting out on their own is no matter how small you are – never settle for less. With the right support, and some clever strategies you can advertise your business both on and offline without it costing the earth, but equally without having to compromise on quality.

As one wise man once said:

” It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight – it’s about the size of the fight in the dog “.