website design jargon

Clearing up the Jargon

When starting up your very first website, or when looking for help with your existing one, there is nothing worse than being blasted by IT jargon – leaving you baffled and infuriated! This is our top ten list of the jargon you might hear and what it really means:

1. WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get. Used in website design software for easy editing.

2. SEO  – Search Engine Optimization – or how to make sure your website gets to the top of google/yahoo etc.

3. CMS System – Content Management System – basically a website built so you can make changes yourself without knowing any coding.

4. Ecommerce – Sounds like an easy one, but we come across many people who don’t realise this is just a fancy name for an online shop.

5. Social Media -Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all considered Social Media.

6. Malware – A catch-all term for software installed onto your PC without your knowledge, for malevolent purposes (hence the name). These include displaying unwanted ads (adware), installing software you didn’t ask for, or spying on your activities (spyware) and reporting them back to the culprit so that he can steal your bank account, address book etc.

7. URL – Universal Resource Locator – or the website address. 

8.FTP – File Transfer Protocol –  A way of transferring files to or from an internet server. The most common way of uploading webpages to the internet.

9. IMAP -Internet Message Access Protocol- Used for checking emails, but actually leaves the email on the server instead of deleting it after it has been downloaded.

10. POP3 – Post Office Protocol – A system of downloading emails off the server. These are not retained by the server once downloaded.